Kalala Kazadi

Kalala kazadi Brian  born November 6th, 1974 in Kisangani In the D.R.Congo.He is the current Director and founder  of Congo-Plaza which was created   on november 11th, 2007 .He is Market Consultant at Raise Corporation where he used to serve as Manager since 2006.

He is  one of the rare African to work in the Real estate Industry in Japan.Kalala previously worked as responsible in Charge of African market at Hit Travel in January 2006 until he resigned following his new Job in the Real-estate industry.He worked in the guest relations at The capitol tokyu Hotel in Akasaka (former Hilton Tokyo in 2004)

Born in Kisangani, in the D.R.Congo, Kalala is a graduate of international Christian university(U.C.I) in the Congo.Before he arrives in Japan ,he was consultant at Save the Children(UK) in Kinshasa . He worked as consultant and interpreter in the American corporate Council on Africa in the Congo(Outreach mission)in March1998.He worked in the Zimbabwe Trade mission ZIMTRADE outreach mission in the Kinshasa in May2000.

Following The difficult situation that the people of the D.R.congo have been through during these past 15years,kalala became again  a human rights defender in 2007.He participated through Congo-Plaza in demonstration at the embassy of Belgium in Tokyo in 2010 under the umbrella of his organization congo-plaza which has the goal of promoting democracy and social conditions of the people,the organization also work on defending human rights and  issue proposals or solutions to decision makers from researches  .

He organized for the first time a memorial on the Congolese holocaust as to remember over 8,000,000 millions congolese who where massacred by troops which came from neighboring countries.He also denounced rape on woman and other multiple crimes and human rights violations perpetrated in the D.R. Congo. He participated to the pressures which where done to the united nations  for all these massacres and genocides made on congolese civilians to be recognised.

The recognition was reached by the issue of “the United nations mapping report” result of UN investigations detailing and confirming massacres , genocides and other atrocities perpetrated in the D.R.Congo.He organised for the second time the memorial on the congolese holocaust in June 2011 .He is scheduling with his team to organise the same in 2012 and in the years to come.

He arrived in Japan in 2001 with curiosity of learning about Asian culture and the Japanese economic  miracle.He also had  the purpuse of staying away for a while from the unstable political situation which was going on in the congo since1997.

Kalala kazadi is currently Vice-representative of the Congolese major political party called  ” Union for democracy and social progress” UDPS.He is in the meantime Vice-Representative of his excellency M.r Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba who is the president elect in 2011 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ( Though electoral dispute is still going on).


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